The best glow plug igniter just got a whole lot better!
Now with Version 6 Firmware

Following the tremendous success of the 1st generation SwitchGlo, the new SwitchGlo Pro is loaded with more features to improve functionality, versatility, and durability for Helicopters and Airplanes

  How it works:   SwitchGlo Pro simply plugs into a receiver channel, then to your glow plug.  You assign a transmitter toggle switch to this SwitchGlo channel, and toggle your glow on and off, at startup or inflight.

You can program mix SwitchGlo just as you can program mix any servo on your craft, allowing you to utilize your glow in ways you never thought possible!
Low Throttle glow activation is achieved by programming your TX to activate the SwitchGlo channel at any throttle position you desire. You can further enhance your Low Throttle mix by assigning a toggle switch to activate the mix, thereby forever preventing "Hot Starts"

Know when you glow! - SwitchGlo will  beep the entire time your glow plug is glowing, providing invaluable reassurance you never thought you needed! SwitchGlo helps you diagnose starting problems; a single beep from SwitchGlo signals the glow/ground loop is open, most often indicating your glow plug is spent. This feature greatly reducing your troubleshooting efforts!

  Technology:   SwitchGlo Pro is an intelligent and highly efficient on-board glow driver.  Its state-of-the-art voltage adaptive algorithm optimizes the power transferred from your battery pack to your glow plug providing the ideal glow.  Outfitted with low power components, switched-mode voltage regulation and adjustable firmware, SwitchGlo is not your conventional on-board glow system.

Other on-board glow systems use linear regulators that waste power (up to 3 times as much) and operate at dangerously high temperatures.  These linear glow drivers also suffer from low glow at lower pack voltages, while SwitchGlo gives a strong and consistent glow from 4V - 9V. Combining the benefits of switch-mode voltage regulation and the smallest footprints on the market, SwitchGlo Pro is the most advanced way to glow!
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 Watch for more highly efficient R/C electronics from SwitchGlo in the future!